StirlingiteConnect Update

I just re-downloaded the iPhone Tumblr app, so now I will be able to post things more frequently!

Major Mistake

I promised you all 7 things that I loved about Lindsey leading up to her birthday today, but it completely slipped my mind! 

I will get this out to you! 


Today is my 21st birthday and Lindsey’s 28th! It is truly happy day! 




SHOUT OUT to my biggest fans as of right now! thebroadwaybabe, youtubebrudi, satanslittlefeministsweetie, and thelegendofj, thank you so much for your support

SHOUT OUT to my biggest fans as of right now! thebroadwaybabe, youtubebrudi, satanslittlefeministsweetie, and thelegendofj, thank you so much for your support

StirlingiteConnect Update


I know I haven’t been the most active blogger lately as I’ve been busy and dealing with “blogger’s block!” It’s hard for me to find things worth talking about! However, during that time I’ve still garnered some followers, which is amazing to me! Thank you so much for sticking with me! 

A few updates to the blog. Right now I’m nearing 950 posts and made it a very impressive 175 followers, the newest of who is violinitystirling and I would like to personally thank you and the rest of the 174 of you! 

I haven’t been able to receive enough interest to do a Lindsey Stirling Tribute video for her 28th birthday, nor was I able to finally compose that dedication song for her. There’s always next! 

Again, thank you all for sticking with me! I’ll try and at least reblog more blogs and post some more photos to keep my blog activity going. 

Countdown to 28!!!

Hello, Stirlingites, 

As I am sure you know, my and Lindsey’s birthday is in exactly ONE WEEK from today! She’ll be 28 and I’ll be 21! 

It seems like only yesterday when she released her first album right around her birthday and when she was wished a happy birthday from Poland in 2013. 

In honor of her, I will now present to you throughout the week my Top 7 favorite things about Lindsey! 

#7: I love that she isn’t afraid to try something new. She worked hard to get where she is and stayed strong when people [Cough: America’s Got Talent] didn’t believe in her. Now, she’s a testament to human will and success. She’s a complete inspiration to people to follow your dreams and never give up, no matter what obstacles are thrown your way! 



Pixar can never top this.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that the best loved line from this movie comes from a character we never even got to see?

Not Stirling related but I had to! 

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What I Hate As a Stirlingite

I’ve encountered many things through my years of being an avid Lindsey Stirling fan, and certain things have frustrated me! I thought I would share with you what they are! 

1). I can’t stand people who don’t know how to spell her name correctly! It’s LINDSEY STIRLING!!! When I see Lindsay Sterling, I want to rip someone’s hair out! 

2). I hate it when people say her songs all sound the same. I AM A MUSIC EDUCATION MAJOR! I think I would know a thing or do about what SOUNDS the same. Most if not ALL of Lindsey’s music is in a minor key, I get that, but she adds new and unique elements to every song. She has a particular motive that she likes to use which is noticeable in many songs, but they DON’T ALL SOUND THE SAME! Otherwise, I would get sick of her! Listen to the first minute or so of Stars Align and then immediately listen to Roundtable Rival…and maybe Elements afterward if you’re feeling daring! Message me if you can hear the similar motive! 

3). I hate people who say she’s not beautiful……..She’s extra-beautiful with a side of gorgeous and a dash of perfection. ENOUGH SAID! 

4). I don’t like it when people compare her to classical musicians! Her music is not classical even though she was a classically trained violinist. She pretty much invented her own genre. But don’t say she wasn’t as good as Mendelssohn because it’s not even a fair comparison. I asked her what she enjoyed playing as she developed and she answered: Bach, so shut up about her violin abilities.

I can’t think of anything else at this moment, but if you think of something, let me know!



Random Photo Set #1

Seriously…the prettiest girl in the world! 

StirlingiteConnect Update


As I mentioned, I’ve been struggling to find new ways to keep my blog fresh and interesting. I haven’t had much success lately, but I will post pictures here and then until I think of something! 

It has also been 2 months since I saw Lindsey live…and I miss her so much. 

In the meantime, I’ve gotten to 160 followers in absence, and it is unbelievable! Thank you! 



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